Aarrow stoves
Acorn View 5 Multi Fuel Stove 
The Acorn View 5 multifuel stove is perfect for medium to large sized rooms, affording you a high degree of control over your fire owing to its sliding air controls, airwash and secondary burn features. Simple to operate, the Acorn view 5 will provide secondary heating and a homely aesthetic to any room.

The Acorn View 5 multifuel stove may be compact but it certainly packs a punch. Ideal for burning wood or solid fuel, and simple to operate, the Acorn View 4 affords you simple yet masterful control over your fire and its compact nature makes it ideal for houseboats and medium sized rooms. The Acorn view 4 has an output of 5 kW and is the big brother of the Acorn View 4.
  1. Nominal Output
  2. Maximum Efficiency
  3. Flue Diameter
    4" (102mm)
  4. Flue Location
    Top / Rear
  5. External Air
  6. Output Range
    1Kw - 6.5Kw
  7. Defra approved
  8. Boiler Option
    Clip In
  9. Boiler Output
    1.2Kw - 4'200 BTU
  1. 12mm Hearth Approved
  2. Weight
  3. Distance to combustibles
    500mm Sides/ 675mm Rear
  4. Height
  5. Width
  6. Depth
  7. Distance from rear to center flue
  8. Distance from floor to center of rear flue
  9. Colour
    Metallic Black
  10. Options