Stainless Steel Flexible Liners
We use only the best quality Stainless Steel liners, and have opted to use the Dura-Flue systems for there strength and long warranties.
The Liners come with a 15 year warranty for the 316/316 grade and a 30 year warranty for the 316/904 grade liners.
The special patented manufacturing technique means the stainless steel never comes under any stress or forced pressure when being formed. This leads to a flatter interior which means there is less build up of acidic by products therefore a longer life.
They are tested to higher burning temperatures than most competing brands, with tests to a constant burning temperature of 600ºC (most competing brands is 400ºC), and a maximum burning temperature of 1,000ºC (most competing brands is 600ºC).
The Liners will not unravel inside and are HETAS approved and listed
Standard Liner sizes are 125mm (5"), 150mm (6"), 175mm (7") and 200mm (8"). Other sizes are available at request.
*30 year warranty applies to 316/904. 316/316 has a 15 year warranty. Warranty registration required.
Other Liners are available with 10 year and 20 year warranties.
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