Aarrow stoves
Aarrow I400 Multi Fuel Cassette Stove
The Aarrow I400 multifuel cassette stove is ideal for the modern energy conscious household, making use of a tertiary burn system, heat convection system and simple air flow controls make this stove the definition of efficient. The ideal addition to any modern home.

The I400 is a cassette stove, which means it is contained discreetly within the wall, revealing only the glass front and frame that offers a window onto the fire, resembling a wall hung flat screen TV. This means no unsightly flues or wall openings, just pure glass and a roaring fire, turning that hole in the wall into a striking focal point, providing heat and stunning visuals for years to come. The i400 cassette is DEFRA approved, allowing you to burn wood inside smoke control zones, this is decided on the emissions profile of a stove; under a certain threshold DEFRA approval is granted, therefore, DEFRA approval is a mark of efficiency and environmental neutrality. The Aarrow i400 has been specifically designed to fit a standard British fireplace opening so it can also be used as an inset stove with a fireplace.
  1. Nominal Output
  2. Maximum Efficiency
  3. Flue Diameter
    5" (125mm)
  4. Flue Location
  5. External Air
  6. Output Range
  7. Defra approved
  8. Boiler Option
  9. Boiler Output
  1. 12mm Hearth Approved
  2. Weight
  3. Distance to combustibles
  4. Height? Inset
    558mm/ 558mm
  5. Width/ Inset
    405mm/ 405mm
  6. Depth/ Inset
    56mm/ 351mm
  7. Distance from rear to center flue
  8. Distance from floor to center of rear flue
  9. Colour
    Various door trims
  10. Options
    Door Trims/ Frames