Broseley Stoves
Snowdon 26SE Multi Fuel Boiler Stove
The Snowdon 26SE stove is powerful, robust and capable of reaching unparalleled burn rates that offers a total system output of 26kW. The Snowdon boiler has been designed to harness all the extra available heat and use it to power home central heating and hot water systems.

The sturdy SNOWDON 26 has an imposing presence. With its double doors and greater width, it presents an expanse of blazing wood within an open hearth. It can be easily integrated with either the unvented (combi boiler) system or the traditional vented system with water tanks. It will throw out 10kW worth of heat directly, enough for a room of considerable size, and contribute a full 16kW to a hot water system.
  1. Nominal Output
    10Kw to Heat/ 16Kw to Water
  2. Maximum Efficiency
  3. Flue Diameter
    6" (150mm)
  4. Flue Location
  5. External Air
  6. Output Range
  7. Defra approved
  8. Boiler Option
  9. Boiler Output
    16Kw/ 54'600 BTU
  10. Energy Rating
  1. 12mm Hearth Approved
  2. Weight
  3. Distance to combustibles
    150mm Sides/ 150mm Rear
  4. Height
  5. Width
  6. Depth
  7. Distance from rear to center flue
  8. Distance from floor to center of rear flue
  9. Colour
    Matt Black
  10. Options