Nestor Martin
Stanford 33 Multi Fuel Stove

With an outer cast-iron body and inner steel combustion chamber the Stanford 33 provides an sophisticated air tight stove inside a traditional body.

Featuring the Nestor Martin Plexus air control system which was the first of its kind offering a room sealed multifuel stove.

The Stanford 33 multifuel stove is a large model in the range and features double glazed glass, rear heat shield, convection system, and is DEFRA approved.


Nestor Martin (formerly Efel) are at the pinnacle of wood burning technology offering new levels of performance and air control.

Nestor Martin are one of the leading European manufacturers in home heating technology with over 150 years of experience in building uncompromising heating appliances.

  1. Nominal Output
  2. Maximum Efficiency
  3. Flue Diameter
    6" (154mm)
  4. Flue Location
    Top/ Rear
  5. External Air
    4" (102mm)
  6. Output Range
  7. Defra approved
  8. Boiler Option
  9. Boiler Output
  1. 12mm Hearth Approved
  2. Weight
  3. Distance to combustibles
    250mm sides/ 300mm Rear
  4. Height
  5. Width
  6. Depth
  7. Distance from rear to center flue
  8. Distance from floor to center of rear flue
  9. Colour
    Matt Black