Twin Wall Chimney Systems
We install external chimney flue's, for properties which have no chimney stack or flue or wish to have the fireplace in a different area.
The external chimney flue systems a universal multi fuel and multi functional chimney suitable for internal and external application and can be used with the following appliances:
»Solid fuel appliances
»Wood burning stoves
»Atmospheric gas appliances
»Natural draft oil fired gas appliances
»Condensing boilers

The flue system is suitable for use at continuous operating temperatures of 550°C and up to 1000°C for short term firing. The unique design of the chimney flue system means that it is also multi functional. It can be used for high temperature applications, but also because of the integral silicone sealing ring the system can be applied to condensing and positive pressure installations.
Clearance from Combustibles
Under normal operating conditions the outer casing temperature permits installation with a clearance of a minimum 50mm to combustible materials. Where a chimney passes through a ceiling or floor, fire stop spacers and/or ceiling supports must be used.
Twin Wall Chimney Systems come in Stainless Steel as standard, however we also offer a choice of colours including black
We also have a Copper System for that more exclusive look.
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Copper Systems
CONIX®DUO COPPER resolves any smoke exhaust problem for civil and industrial systems (working temperatures up to 600°C with maximum 1000°C peaks).
It offers highly aesthetic features and can be used to create chimneys for single flues or grouped flues for forced draught C type equipment or branched grouped flues for natural draught B type equipment.
The CONIX®DUO COPPER-JR dual wall chimney system is made up of three concentric layers of modular circular section parts.

Available diameters (mm):
80 - 100 - 130 - 150 - 180 - 200 - 250 - 300 - 350 - 400 - 450 - 500 - 550 - 600

1 -Internal wall in direct contact with smoke, made of AISI 316L type austenitic stainless steel, laser or Tig welded with certified welding processes.
2 - Intermediate layer acts as insulation, made up of high density (110 kg/m3) radiating basaltic rock wool, 25mm thick and 0.058W/mK conductivity (at 200°C temperature).
3 - External wall designed to protect and encase the insulation, made of natural copper or AISI 304 type copper-plated austenitic stainless steel, laser or Tig welded with certified welding processes.